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He (the Vietnamese interpreter) was both polite and professional throughout and made a very positive impression on our visitor and staff. We couldn't have asked for anything more.

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We are vastly experienced in supplying interpreting in all modes and levels.

Choosing the right interpreter can make the difference between a successful meeting and a problematic one.


Whether you need an interpreter in London, Birmingham, Glasgow or elsewhere in the U.K., we can source the right interpreter for you.  

Interpreting comes primarily in three forms: simultaneous, consecutive and public service interpreting.

The type of interpreter depends on your requirements:

Public service interpreting:

Public service interpreters provide consecutive interpretation for the law courts, solicitors offices, the police, the Home Office, hospitals, social services, public meetings and small business meetings.

A good public service interpreter will hold an interpreting qualification such as a DPSI (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting) or better, be familiar with the workings of the court or with hospital procedure and terminology.

Consecutive interpreting:

With consecutive interpreting – as the name implies – one person speaks, the interpreter then relays this to one or more other persons in their native language.

Consecutive interpreters are usually employed for business meetings, one-to-one meetings and foreign visitor guiding (such as guiding a visiting delegation around a factory).  

Simultaneous interpreting:

Simultaneous interpreting is a highly specialised and demanding skill. Simultaneous interpreters are used for conferences or business meetings. The interpreter interprets as a person is speaking. Interpreters work in pairs, with one taking over from the other at appropriate intervals.

The interpreter usually works from an interpreter’s booth, relaying the language through to the headphones or ear piece of the recipient.

Whispered interpreting:

Whispered interpreting is a form of simultaneous interpreting and is appropriate when only one or sometimes two people require interpretation. The interpreter sits alongside or immediately behind the person requiring interpretation and interprets simultaneously. No equipment is required.