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He (the Vietnamese interpreter) was both polite and professional throughout and made a very positive impression on our visitor and staff. We couldn't have asked for anything more.

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Simultaneous Interpreters to Transcription Services - We Cater to all of Your Interpretation Needs

SATIS is a market leader in the provision of all your language solutions.

We deliver translation in almost all language combinations, interpreting at all levels from public service interpreters to simultaneous interpreters, localisation, foreign language voiceovers, transcription services and foreign language DTP. 

Our simultaneous interpreters can provide their skills for a number of situations, including conferences, meetings and interviews. Simultaneous interpreters are able to translate in their mind as somebody else speaks and then deliver the translation whilst still listening to the speaker, who will not pause.

There are three different types of simultaneous interpreters:

-Whispering translators work in situations where the individuals that require translation to understand a speaker are in the minority within a particular setting. These translations are whispered so as not to disturb others listening.

-Conversation interpreters and court interpreters can also be considered simultaneous interpreters depending upon the needs of the situation.
If your expectation is for accurate translation, using professional linguists and delivered on time, then do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.  

Tel. (UK): 0845 166 25 12
Tel. (International): + 44 20 8291 3952
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